department of adventurers maintaining normality and eradicating debacles

Agents of DAMNED


A real-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast where 3 adventurers work to prevent calamities and disasters from arising before they can ever become a threat.
In Campaign 1, join Arlo Agon, Winterra Darknight, and Saithe as they try to protect the world from unknown forces, and try to adjust to working for the Department of Adventurers Maintaining Normality and Eradicating Debacles, or as they're better known, DAMNED.

Follow Campaign 2 for those DAMNED Contractors - Lya, Tarra Stormblight, and Post L Delvri as they try to be the best of what's left.


Episode 1: New Recruits

Dr. Arlo Agon, Winterra Darknight, and Saithe begin their journey by heading for the headquarters of DAMNED. It's their first day on the job, so how will they acclimate to their new employer, and fellow employees?

Episode 2: Roll'n on Out

The Agents depart for Neverwinter to confront Milo, the head of the Thieves' Guild. Will this be a simple, by-the-books first job, or is there something else looming just out of sight?

Episode 3: Back Alley Brawl

The Agents track Elama into a nearby alleyway. But are they prepared for what awaits them in Neverwinter's treacherous backstreets?

Episode 4: Into the Stronghold

With Milo out of the picture, the Agents are left with no choice but to enter the Thornhold stronghold alone. Can they secure a safe route to the underground treasure room? And what dangers await them inside?

Episode 5: Consequences

The time has come for the Agents to confront Elama. Will they be able to stop her and the black-armored man, and save Neverwinter from draconic destruction?

Episode 6: In the Eyes of the People

The Agents have their next assignment, which sees them heading to the magical town of Silverymoon. Can they solve the mystery of this political debacle while managing to keep their hands clean?

Episode 7: Political Agenda

The Agents split up with 2nd Chance to speak with Niavara, Seebo, and Granaphor and get the scoop on what each of them has planned as mayor. But can you really trust a politician?

Episode 8: Planning Ahead

Having just learned of Ash's presence in Silverymoon, how will the Agents manage to solve this political debacle and keep the town safe from his pungent brand of evil?

Episode 9: Into the Woods

The Agents travel into the Midnight Woods to speak with Winterra's family about what's been going on in town. But what truly awaits them in this seemingly gleeful family reunion?

Episode 10: Late Night Shenanigans

The Agents are closing in on the true nature of this election. What will they be able to learn from Niavara, and their eavesdropping on Sisava?

Episode 11: Change of Plans

Having overheard Sisava, his sister, and Ash planning ill for the town of Silverymoon, the Agents and 2nd Chance prepare to make for a hasty escape out of the Yuan-Ti temple. But things may not be as simple as they expect.

Episode 12: Unlucky Number 7

The Agents and 2nd Chance have barely escaped the Yuan-ti temple, and now are in a race to arrest Sisava before he can see his plans through to fruition. However, something appears to be wrong with 7.

Episode 13: Hail to the Prince

Not even 2 seconds into the Fey Wild, and already the Agents are pitted against unknown forces. But what secrets do the Fey Wild hold?

Episode 14: A Friendly Game of Tag

The Agents are thrust into an inter-dimensional game of tag with the head of the Fall Court. Can they find a way to outwit the prince of fools?

Agents of DAMNED Halloween Special

We take a break from the Agents to follow the Friday Night Fun Pals on an epic, spooky adventure.

Peek Behind the Screen Halloween Special

The adventure is behind us, and now it's time to see what the gang thought of Drew's holiday one-shot and the Fun Pals' concerningly horny escapades. Join us in our complementary after show to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

Episode 15: Reinforcements

Sisava is heading towards the portal to the Fey Wild, but the Agents have rounded him off. Can they stop his nefarious plans and save Silverymoon?

Episode 16: Another New Recruit

The Serpentine Siblings are both under arrest, and the town of Silverymoon is saved. But what of our heroes, or the mayoral candidates?

Episode 17: B.E.A.C.H. D.A.Y.

Winterra meets with Bookworm in the archives at night. What could the silent firbolg want with our clueless bear? Also, are the Agents going to get a vacation or what?

Episode 18: Up Your Arsenal

The Agents have gotten their new toys and are ready to receive their next mission. But that's not to say they won't do a bit of shopping first.

Agents of DAMNED Winter One-der Shot

It's the holiday season, and to celebrate we're taking a step back in time to see an adventure at DAMNED before the Agents. Raiann, Aelar, and Nissa travel to the lands of Chioni Falls to ensure the passing of the torch to the next Keeper goes smoothly. But anything can happen during the holidays, so join us as Christina takes the DM seat for a spin in this magical quest through a snow cover land. And of course, Happy Holidays.

Episode 19: Trial of Shadows

The Agents have arrived in the town of Ruinspoke, and already they find themselves in danger. Will they survive the Trial of Shadows and find the Friday Night Fun Pals?

Episode 20: The 2nd Boon

Arlo finds himself cornered by Kaladan in regards to his true identity. How will he manage to get himself out of this one and find the Friday Night Fun Pals?

Episode 21: There's Gnoll Place Like Home

The Agents are face-to-face with one of their two objectives, with the other nowhere in sight. How will our heroes deal with Immor and securing the Ioun stones, and how will they manage to find the Friday Night Fun Pals?

Episode 22: "I Know a Guy"

The Agents and the Fun Pals find themselves in the bottom of the Untheran ruins, with more questions than they have answers to and a beefed-up gnoll to take down. They might just need some reinforcements...

Episode 23: Last Train to Nowhere

The Agents and the Fun Pals, along with Sniffs, have come to Snapdra Agon in the hopes of tracking down Immor and the wayward gnolls. But will she be able to help, and what other unseen threats loom in the shadows?

Valentine's Special (feat Chaotic Creations)

It's the month of love, and we can think of no better way to celebrate than by bringing on some special guests from the Chaotic Creations podcast for a romantic one-shot. It's ship's ahoy as we force Winterra and Bookworm, Arlo and Raiann, and Angharad (Harper) and Violed (Darby) to compete in a twisted version of the Newlyweds Game.

Episode 24: Sniffs' Awakening

Arlo and the other Agents need to think quickly, otherwise they'll come face-to-face with Kamodra Agon. And what about Sniffs?

Episode 25: Battle in the Boneyard

Due to an absentminded slipup on Saithe's part, the Agents now find themselves in battle with Immor and his deadly army of gnolls. How will our heroes defeat such a vascular and formidable foe?

Episode 26: Party Time

Immor has been defeated, and the stones have been recovered. What awaits our heroes back at base after another successful mission?

S1 Q&A (April Fools)

In honor of our first season coming to a close, we decided to reach out to the community and answer your questions about the show. Join your sometimes benevolent, often malevolent DM as we take a deep dive into the world of AoD.

Tales of DAMNED: With a Hint of Espresso

Orilo and Yarvem weren't always members of DAMNED. What were their lives like before becoming government operatives?

The 90 Day Review

After 3 months of adventures, the Agents finally meet with HR for their 90 day reviews. It's time to take a look back at the journey so far.

Episode 27: Request to Return Home

Oliver has been returned to life, yet he is nowhere to be found. How will Winterra and the others handle this mishap?

Episode 28: Fractured Past

Winterra and Oliver are finally reunited, but the Agents still have work to do. Will they be able to find this necromancer? And will they be able to handle such a threat if they do?

Episode 29: Fey Wild 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Things seem dark for the Agents and Bookworm after facing off against the necromancer and the black hand to no avail. Perhaps they need to draw on the strength of some trusted allies.

Episode 30: Trials of the Fey

The Agents are back in the Fey Wild, and ready to face the Trials of the Fey to help find this "lost shepherd", and maybe a means of hurting the black hand. Surely the trials won't be that difficult, right?

One Shot: Second Chances (feat Mindless Morning & Yu Dive Deep)

We take a step back from the tale of the Agents to see an untold story in another part of the world, in another time. Join us and our special guests, Josh from the Mindless Morning Show and Tommy from Yu Dive Deep, as we introduce them to the world of D&D in their first ever adventure.

Episode 31: Devil on Your Shoulder

The Agents are half way through the trials of the Fey, and now they are face to face with Big Betty and whatever horrid culinary abominations she can serve. Can they stomach Betty's trial, and whatever else the trials have in store for them.

Episode 32: What Could Have Been

Asmodeus has been forced out of Saithe's body, but the Agents aren't safe yet. They still have one final trial left to face, and this might just be the hardest of them all.

Episode 33: Shepherd of the Fey

The Agents are back in the Material Plane, and are ready to find the necromancer's lair. However, something seems to be wrong with Winterra...

One Shot: Stranger Danger Rangers (feat Tabletop Tiddies and Snyder's Return)

In this non-canonical one shot, the Agents find themselves back in Neverwinter (somehow) and face to face with a familiar foe combating some oddly color coordinated warriors. What can happen in this absolutely insane level 20 adventure? Tune in today to find out!

Episode 34: The Forest Mom

Winterra has unlocked her Shepherd powers, and now it's time for the Agents to resume their quest. However, things won't be quite so easy.

Episode 35: Echoes of the Past

With Bookworm's memory of the necromancer's lair sealed away, the Agents will need to rely on Oliver to find it in the hopes of discovering a weakness. But will they be ready for what awaits them in the depths of the Forest of Lost Giants?

Halloween Special (part 1): The Coffee Run from Heck

It's time once again to pull back the veil and take a look at a different group of DAMNED operatives. This time we're following the adventures of Timid, Artemis, and Dark Edge as they face the most horrifying challenge the agency has to offer: internships.

Halloween Special (part 2): Night of the Living Bonerlord

The spooky times keep on going as our interns have to solve a murder before they can continue their search for Oudart. Will they be able to solve this mystery and recover the missing mug before they must face their inevitable reprimanding?

Episode 36: Sibling Bonds

With the dark truth behind the necromancer and the hand revealed, the Agents make their way out of the Forest of Lost Giants to formulate a plan. But their trip back might not be quite so simple.

One Shot: An EPIc Crossover (feat Bard Rock Café)

In a wild accident during a routine inventory, the Agents get sent to Hell! Not only that, but Winterra is missing. How will Arlo and Saithe get back to the material plane, and will their mysterious new companion be able to aid them?

Episode 37: Calm Before the Storm

The twins have finally been dealt with, and Oliver has control over his abilities. But the fight is far from over, as now the Agents must gather all their available forces to prepare for the battle against the necromancer and the animated Finger of Death.

Episode 38: The Death of Bookworm

The time for the epic encounter between the Agents and the necromancer has finally come. Will our heroes be able to stop this undead foe from spreading rot and destruction outside of the Forest of Lost Giants, and if they can, at what cost?

Episode 39: An Act of Courage

The necromancer has fallen, but the Finger of Death is still a very real threat. How will the Agents defeat this fearsome foe and save Silverymoon from certain destruction?

Episode 40: Vincent the Divine

The necromancer has been defeated, the animated spells destroyed, and a budding new love is finally starting to bloom. But as the Agents return to base, they may be surprised by what awaits them.

Episode 41: The Beginning of the End

The world has fallen to despair as Vincent casts his dark shadow over all. What has DAMNED been doing during this time? What is their plan to stop Vincent and save the world?

Episode 42: The Good Doctor

Arlo has been missing for the last 6 months. Where has he been, and why has he secluded himself from his friends?

Episode 43: Nightfall

A mysterious archer is attacking people, and Jasper has returned to tell Saithe that the circus that cursed her is in Neverwinter. Things can't get any worse than this?

AoD Plays Lewd Grannies: Trolling for Booty at a Wedding

We take a break from our normal adventure to celebrate Valentine's Day at a wedding. Of course, we're not there for the wedding. These grannies are here for a good time, no matter the cost!

Episode 44: "I'll have a Fappy-Meal"

Winterra has fallen to a Nightwalker, and her soul has been lost. As a storm begins to brew, Arlo and Saithe work to find a way to bring their friend back.

Episode 45: Fondledee

The Agents have entered the circus, and find a familiar face. But will it be a joyous reunion, or are our heroes about to face further tragedy?

Episode 46: Opening Act

The Agents have entered the first door of the circus, and find themselves trapped with the domain of the djinni, Oad. Can they escape this devious hall of mirrors and defeat the malicious clown?

Episode 47: The Amethyst Shadow

The Agents are face to face with an unconscious Amethyst Shadow. The time has finally come to unmask this mysterious figure. Will the Agents be ready for what's to come?

One Shot: MvP Battle Royal Death Match

The Stranger Danger Rangers are back, and this time they're evil? I guess it's up to a new group of heroes to stop them. Fortunately, the magical girl squad known as the Berry Bunch Girls(with a z) are ready for one epic battle!

Episode 48: King of the Beasts

The Agents have entered the red door, and find themselves in the middle of the second djinn's domain. How will they survive this second challenge?

Episode 49: The Final Door

Only one door remains before the Agents can enter the big top. Will they find this domain as simple as the others, or will this final challenge prove to be their undoing?

Episode 50: The Big Top

The time has finally come. The Agents have defeated the 3 guardian djinn, and now only the ringleader remains. Can Saithe face the demons of her past? Or will this spell the end of our heroes?

One Shot: Hotel Transylvania 5, Dead & Breakfast (featuring Roll for Romance)

The Agents are busy, so it's time to turn to the interns for a routine check in. Hopefully things go according to plan...

Episode 51: Outcasts

Winterra is back! But things aren't all better yet, as it seems like there is trouble over at the new DAMNED HQ. After taking down a circus full of djinn, what else could possibly happen?

Episode 52: Fish, Fists, & Fiddlesticks

The Agents are trapped inside of Big Betty's, and with a mysterious new figure. Will our heroes survive this deadly dine-in, or will they finally go belly up?

Episode 53: Special Condoms

With a new mission ahead of them, the Agents take care of a few quick tasks around town before departing. What awaits them within the streets of Neverwinter, and in the northern half of the Tymantharian Empire?

Episode 54: The Flame Spittin' Dynamo

Arlo and his mother come face to face, and the timing couldn't be worse. Will our heroes be able to overcome this insurmountable obstacle, or is this the end of the Agents?

Episode 55: Remnants of Family

Things are about to heat up as Kamodra has seemingly gone rogue. How will the Agents, and especially Arlo, handle this new development?

Episode 56: Dead of Night

Day has given way to night in the blink of an eye, and now the Agents find themselves in a Nightwalker infested forest. Can they reach their destination in one piece, or will the Nightwalkers claim their souls for good?

2022 Halloween Special: Too Ghoul For School Feat. Adventure Incorporated

Head on back with us to the town that it all began in for our Halloween specials - the town of Nightwatch! A crew of previously unmentioned agents with the organization known as DAMNED have been summoned by our high tier monstrous throuple to assist them with a concern.

Episode 57: The Red Warrior

Kamodra has arrived in a flash, and now lies unconscious. How will Arlo react to this, or to the troll still looming nearby?

Episode 58: The Games Traitors Play

The Agents must now prepare to face a new set of trials to reach the mountain's summit. What will the tests of the giants hold for them?

Episode 59: Making Tender Love to a Tornado

The trials continue, and the Agents are in for a wild ride. What tests do the giants of old have in store for our heroes, and how will they overcome them?

Episode 60: Emotions Make Me Hot and Sweaty

The true nature of the final trial rears its ugly head, and the Agents have to face their inner demons. Will they be able to overcome this final test and earn the right to ascend the mountain?

One Shot: Down with the X-Mas

It's the holiday season once more, and we've decided to celebrate by overthrowing a one-world, yuletide government in a world where Christmas creep has made it Christmas year round.

Episode 61: Battle Under the Blood Moon

Our heroes ascend the mountain, ready to face whatever may lie in wait for them at the peak. But will they truly be ready to face the trials ahead?

Episode 62: Escape

The Void imposter has been defeated, and the orcish prince saved. But that doesn't mean our heroes are out of the woods just yet. For the blood moon still hangs overhead.

Episode 63: Risky Business

The Agents are back in Neverwinter, and it's time to catch up on some unfinished business. But what do our heroes' loved ones have to talk to them about?

Episode 64: No Regrets

With a plan in motion, all the Agents can do is wait until it's finally time to strike. How will our heroes spend their final moments in Neverwinter before the final battle begins?

Episode 65: Getting your D*ck Wet with Pigeon Grease

Despite it being the end of the world, love is in the air! And not just for Winterra and Bookworm, but for Saithe and Barden, and even for Arlo. But this celebration may be their last, as it is the night before the final attack.

Episode 66: Home Sweet Home

The final battle has finally begun. All of DAMNED, as well as the allies they've gathered, are ready to break back into their base and defeat Vincent once and for all!

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Meet the Cast

Episode 1: The Best of What's Left

20 years have passed since the Age of Despair. What changes have happened in that time, and who will we be following along with next? Join us for campaign 2, Contractors Edition!

Episode 2: Mushroom Moose; The Best Boy

Does our ragtag trio think the Mushroom Moose is the best boy? Where do they even find a mushroom moose? Does the mushroom moose like IPAs? And what's this about being shushed?

Episode 3: The Ice Bath

Our shushed contractors have made it past their first test and are getting the tour around. What could possibly go awry for them?

Episode 4: Egyptian Beach Party

Our acceptably matched trio find themselves on their first assignment. But it seems like there's some important business to be handled first. How will they handle this first assignment together?

Episode 5: Let's Get Deeper!

Our acceptable trio have a new destination, but what awaits them in the Jewel of Talgwomo? Will they have any trouble progressing their mission? And what's with these new waivers they have to sign?

Episode 6: Banes and Boons

They've gone deeper, but now they have the bones of the past to deal with. What else will our Contractors have to deal with on this deep game show?

Episode 7: Big Egg

Our Jobbers have a heart to heart conversation to get through, and then they're off to the Horn Pub. Can they take it?